The private investigation office Thalassinos achieved his dreams by establishing his homonym business, whose purpose is the best provision of services in the area of private researches. The experience of the office and his team, as the well-known and effective methods, which are used, guarantee the success of your personal cases through private channels.

Our research, which is accessible by land, sea, air in relation to the up-to-the-minute technology is able to solve whatever problem you have. Also, you have the possibility to check all the successful and previous cases, which are well-known not only to Greeks. Finally, if you have serious personal reasons, you can denounce somebody anonymously.

The office and its team attend your wants 24h per day and they wish you an interesting exploration to their web-page.


What does it mean?...

Stellios Thalassinos is the full name of the eminent and free agent private researcher in Greece. We say ‘researcher and no detective, because Stellios Thalassinos himself is a man, who extends his sphere of activities to language. That’s why he manipulates the Greek language excellent. Excellent is also the result of his work. The best researcher must combine 3 things: The Hippocratic Oath, the seal of confession and the secrecy of the lawyer’s job. All these are involved in his job. His name comes from the Latin stella-ae that means star. Also, his surname means sea. He is the man, who knows and rules the sea. He is such a successful researcher, that some of his cases have been put on a play, without asking for royalties!!!










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