They killed her and they
sold her vital organs.
  The ‘guilty’ secret of murderess
How I was forced to be a whore.   Sensual pleasure of group sex.
Ritz was saved by Greeks.   Charge of student’s rape
Underage foreigners were obliged to be pregnant and sell their babies.   Blackmails of wedded women with
cassettes of sexual content
I killed my husband
with my boyfriend.
  New versions for the atrocious
crime in Salonika.
Dangerous rapist is free in Salonika   She deceived him with a broker
He ‘lost the world’ when he realised that 20 millions had been stolen.   Beast cheated all his siblings.
Various   Detective Thalassinos was summoned to testify in the Police about the widow’s death.
Killer scares women in Salonica   Fake military officer steals
wealthy women's property
Illegal ovule trade    










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